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Art at home, please find our digital gallery here: http://privateview.net/2/39b5a159b2c73a5a8b4009


The Maurice Verbaet Center is a center of expertise primarily dedicated to Belgian postwar art. It strives to help forgotten Belgian postwar artists worth (re)discovering to rightfully reclaim the spotlight as well as to further promote their better-known peers. Under the supervision of Maurice Verbaet, a team of professionals takes on the preservation, conservation, investigation and display of the collection. This collection features thousands of top pieces by various Belgian artists. Representative of ‘Les Trentes Glorieuses’, the period between 1945 and 1975 during which Belgian art once again thrived, it is the most extensive in its genre. A handful of carefully chosen more recent works form the perfect complement to this predominantly postwar ensemble. 

The Maurice Verbaet Center opened a new art gallery in Knokke, namely the Maurice Verbaet Gallery. This gallery, where most of the works on display are for sale, has recently secured a new, grand space in its seaside hometown. Art lovers can admire a regularly changing selection of works from the collection.

Due to current regulations by the Belgian government regarding the Coronavirus, the exhibition COLOR ALL-OVER at our gallery will only be open by appointment until April 3th.

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For more info please contact knokke@verbaet.com or +32 (0)479 88 10 31.