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The Maurice Verbaet Center is a center of expertise primarily dedicated to Belgian postwar art. It strives to help forgotten Belgian postwar artists worth (re)discovering to rightfully reclaim the spotlight as well as to further promote their better-known peers. Under the supervision of entrepreneurial couple Caroline and Maurice Verbaet, a team of professionals takes on the preservation, conservation, investigation and display of the caroline&mauriceverbaetcollection. This collection features thousands of top pieces by various Belgian artists. Representative of ‘Les Trentes Glorieuses’, the period between 1945 and 1975 during which Belgian art once again thrived, it is the most extensive in its genre. A handful of carefully chosen more recent works form the perfect complement to this predominantly postwar ensemble.

In the Maurice Verbaet Center’s eponymous Antwerp museum art lovers can admire a regularly changing selection of more than a hundred works from the caroline&mauriceverbaetcollection. Fittingly located in the decommissioned 1960’s Antwerp Water Works building, this privately-run institution invites its audience to not only (re)discover Belgian art but to step into into another era, inextricably intertwined with its own distinct mentality. In addition to the captivating exhibitions, the exceptional haute cuisine dishes served at TAPTA, a critically acclaimed gourmet restaurant located in one of the museum spaces, ensure a memorable experience for all visitors.

The Maurice Verbaet Center also comprises a second location open to the public, namely the Maurice Verbaet Gallery. This gallery in Knokke, where most of the works on display are for sale, has recently secured a new, grand space in its seaside hometown and will reopen its doors in early 2019.

Free admission

Guided group visits and events, also outside regular opening hours, on demand: info@verbaet.com.