Guy Vandenbranden [1926]

Compositie,1966, oil-paint on wood, 75 x 64 cm

Vandenbranden was born in Brussels en attended the academy L’Effort (1948-1949).  He discovered the first abstract canvases of the painter of the Jeune Peinture Belge. From the beginning of 1950 he followed the footsteps of Mondriaan and Vasarely, he made constructive canvases which he often exhibited in the Galerie Saint Laurent (Brussels). Like Vasarely he was interested in perspective effects in space and the integration of art in architecture. Colour plays a central part within a well thought through system. The colours are applied in a homogeneous, smooth surface in which the artists hand is invisible. He started from a theoretical artistic approach, which fit his temper. His compositions in which straight lines dominate, show a determined strength. In 1956 Vandenbranden joined the group Art Abstrait. He was a founding member of various foundations, among them Formes (1956), Art Construit (1960), De Nieuwe Vlaamse school (1960) and the Internationaal Studiecentrum voor Konstruktieve Kunst (1972). In 1960 he moved to Antwerp. The black line no longer has a structuring function, but becomes an autonomous element. From there on he worked with latex, a kind of paint which answers to his constant strive to pureness.