Andre Willequet [1921-1998]

Willequet started moulding at a young age. After spending his childhood in Luxembourg he returned to Belgium in 1940, here he started studying sculpting. He was educated at La Cambre by Oscar Jespers. He traveled to France and met Ossip Zadkine, Henri Laurens and Constantin Brancusi. In 1951 he went to the Royal College of Art in London on a scholarship, this is where he met Henry Moore. In 1959 he stayed in Rome and Florence, he also went to Austria for two months where he attended a symposium where he could practice the taille direct technique. Willequet was an adventurous man and was not afraid of technical problems. He worked with stone as well as wood, but he also loved working with lost wax and bronze. Each material offered him the possibility of trying out different approaches and tools, eventually the message always remained the same. Willequet was a well thought through man and his work is filled with eastern spirituality, in which emptiness plays as big as a role as fullness. Both figurative as abstract works stem form a thinking which is directed to life and invites for a mediative contemplation. 

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