Englebert Van Anderlecht [1918-1961]

Novembre n°92,1960, oil-paint on canvas, 157 x 121 cm

Van Anderlecht often visited the studio of Jacques Maes, where he met a few of the future member of the Jeune Peinture Belge – Gaston Bertrand, Lismonde, Louis Van Lint,…

He exhibited in the beginning of the 1940’s with his first figurative works in the salons ‘Art Jeune’, he then suddenly stopped every promoting activity. For 10 years (1943-1953) he looked deeper into the art of painting, he had to learn how he could come to an ‘acceptable’ work. In 1955 he had his first solo exhibition in the gallery of Robert Delevoy, Apollo; there it seemed that he had chosen for abstraction. His paintings are the result of a long and slow proces which was needed to free the gesture. The rambunctious creations are inspired by the instil of the artist, colour and material reflect the passion that moves him. In 1958-1959, at the recommendation of  Serge Vandercam, who also was an adept of shared paintings, we see compositions in which words of the poet Jean Dypréau come into existence. The following year he worked on shared paintings, alongside of the Antwerpian Jef Verheyen. In his works he was always looking for an honest, pure and powerful composition. In 1960 he was a co-signer of the Nieuwe Vlaamse School manifest. Six months later, on March 7th 1961, he passed away by the consequence of an illness.