Guided Tours

Discover the Maurice Verbaet Center with a professional guide. The guide will not only tell you the fascinating story behind the Caroline & Maurice Verbaet Collection, but will make you look differently at Belgian Post War Art. Thanks to the current collection your visit will be an unforgettable and enriching experience!

Tours are possible in Dutch, French, English or German.

The tours last +/- 1 hour.

Request via email:

State your requested date and time + the number of guides.

Requests 3 weeks in advance, please.

Final number of guides need to be paid and confirmed 10 days in advance.


  • Group visit up to 16 people/ day rate groups outside of opening hours: €135/group visit between 10h and 17h (time of arrival).
  • Group visit with guide up to 16 people/ group day rate during opening hours: €120/group during opening hours (Fri, Sat, Sun from 13h-16h30) Last guided tour starts at 16h30.
  • Group visit with guide up to 16 people./ evening rate: €150/group from 18h until last visit starting at 20h.
  • Group visit with guide for more than 16 people: second guide mandatory.
  • Second guide at €120/guide.

Payment in advance via credit transfer.

Guided tours for ‘SOFT’. Visit