Past Exhibitions

FRED BERVOETS EARLY WORKS ’60-’80 –  [2/3/19 – 30/6/19]

EXPLORING MATTER –  [16/2/19 – 30/6/19]


PRIVATE CHOICES 2 –  [extended – 30/6/19]


After ‘Private Choices 1’ you will discover a new selection of masterpieces from the  highly-esteemed  private collection of Caroline & Maurice Verbaet in ‘Private Choices 2’. With thousands of works this is the largest private collection of Belgian post-war art of its kind and the new exhibition reflects the unique character of the collection.

Both famous and lesser known artists, who are undeservedly undervalued, are given the attention they deserve at the Maurice Verbaet Center Antwerp. Discover iconic artists like Alechinsky, Axell, Bertrand, A. Bogaert, Br. Bogart, Bury, Cleeremans, Denmark, Elias, Fabre, Guiette, Leblanc, Mara, Mouffe, Mariën, Peire, Raveel, Van Riet, Wery, … who represent the diversity of the lively post-war era.

The owners’ personal selection is changed +/- every six months. ‘Private Choices 2’ is thus a brilliant sequel to ‘Private Choices 1’, with new, post-war Belgian art and/or new artists, presented to a wider audience.