Serge Vandercam [1924-2005]

Serge Vandercam was a polyvalent artist. He was a photographer, painter, sculptor, collage maker and decorator. After he met the poet Christian Dotremont in 1949, he joined the group Cobra, where he came in contact with Joseph Noiret and Pierre Alechinsky. Out of interest for moving images he became a photographer. In 1952-1953 he started painting as an autodidact, a form of art which would later on become his favoured expressive manner. During a stay in Albisola in Italy (1960), he learned how to make ceramic and designed a fantastic bestiary, which can also be found in his paintings. During a trip to Denmark (1961) Vandercam saw The man of Tollund in a by Jorn established museum. The man who more than 2000 years ago was offered and in 1950 was found in a peat layer, made a deep impression on Vandercam. He saw the man as a symbol of human violence and incomprehension. Mid 60’s odd figures, origination from an imaginary world, emerge in his studio-series. In 1972 Vandercam began a new adventure with his wooden sculptures which he calls Oizals. During his whole career he had close contacts with writers and poets (Hugo Claus, Christian Dotremont, Jean Dypréau, François Jacqmin, Jacques Meuris, Max Loreau…).

They would become witness of (author of texts about him) as well as partners in his shared works, the evolution of an artistic universe and a productivity, which spans over more than half a century. 

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