Maurice Wyckaert [1923-1996]

Coucher de soleil (Sunset),1968, oil-paint on canvas, 110 x 141 cm

After serval courses at the academies of Brussels, Wyckaert made his debut as a painter. In the beginning of the 50’s he was inspired by nature and evolved to abstraction. He decomposes and schematises landscapes which he compiles in a happy alchemy of colours and materials. Wyckaert together with Vandercam and Roel d’Haese were founder of Taptoe (1955) which consisted of a gallery, a literary cafe and which provided shelter for passing artists. He became friends with Jorn, one of the most important members of Cobra and joined the Internationale Situationniste. The works of 1970 become lighter, the pallet becomes more intense and the rhythms more harmonious. Wyckaert loved change. He often moved and enriched his work with diversity of the countries he visited during his travels. His work was being shown at about every rally in the world, he also had good contacts with the gallery of Otto van de Loo in Munich where he often exposed. Broad gestures and lively colours remained a constant throughout his work. Wyckaert composes, decomposes and recomposes a world in agitation, which is being endlessly reborn.