Walter Leblanc [1932-1986]

Twisted Strings, 1962, white cotton and latex wires on cotton canvas, purple horizontal cloud in the middle, 130 x 130 cm

Leblanc was a painter and a sculptor who was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, where he would among other things get lessons from René Guiette. In 1977 he became a teacher at the NHIBS (National Higher Institute for Architecture and Urban planning in Antwerp). At the insistence of his father he also got a degree in advertisement illustration wherewith he could sustain himself from time to time. In 1958 he was one of the founding member of the G58. Later on he joined the international association Nouvelle Tendance (1962) together with other members of the group. This period was defining for the works of Leblanc in which light, space and movement were key elements. As of 1959 the torsion element was added, by which he introduced the third dimension is his work, which resulted in multiple series (Torsions, Twisted Strings, Mobilo Statics). In 1964 he designed a couple architectonic integrations. In his last series Archetypes he concentrated on the study of proportions between geometric forms. This became the name he gave to his art-integration project for the subway in Brussels. In 1986 he died in a car crash, before he could finish this last work. 

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